How to write SEO blogs for our site

One of the pleasant methods to hold getting visitors to your oldest/earliest posts is to make them seek engine friendly.

How to write SEO blogs for our site

In the end, best search engines like Google and yahoo assist you to to get visitors from old posts. In this text, there are a few guidelines for writing seo-optimized articles a good way to rank better in web.I run multiple blogs and we have several authors operating day and night time to keep those web sites up to date with sparkling, exceptional content.

Now and again, but, first-class can drop (which commonly happens due to a lack of expertise).

Each blog post is like an internet page in terms of search engine rating and you can optimize every put up with particular keywords for search engines. While writing these search engine optimization articles, there are numerous things which you have to hold in mind. It’s not important that you hire WordPress developer or hire e-commrece developer and rest of thing depend on him, no! to rank you site a good SEO is mandatory for your site to upgrade the ranking.

For extra on key-word studies, take a look at out:

The significance of keywords in search engine optimization: A newbie’s guide

SEMrush: a sensible guide for developing weblog site visitors

First-rate keyword studies equipment for search engine optimization: 2016 version

Writing search engine optimization-Optimized Articles

  1. Publish identify and Meta name

First, you need to understand the difference among publish identify and Meta identify.

Submit identify: How your reader sees the title of the post on your website.

Publish meta identify: How serps display you publish in seek results.

If you have not distinct a Meta identify in your seo settings, you submit name will be dealt with because the meta name.

It’s miles critical to have your key phrases within the meta identify.

You could study greater approximately this right here:

How to Optimize A post identify For Readers and engines like google

Seasoned Tip: maintain you submit titles less than 66 characters.

  1. Put up Meta Description

All of the most popular seo plugins permit you to add meta descriptions to a publish. Those descriptions play a chief role in seek engine rating.

Think of a Meta description as a sales replica to your blog publishes:

In 156 characters, you want to add your keywords and create a description that is seductive sufficient for customers to click on it.

If you have not introduced Meta descriptions inside the beyond, you have to begin doing it right away.

Seo optimized weblog submit Word Press

Meta descriptions are very critical. You should go again to any of your formerly published posts which do not have a meta description and upload one.

Through optimizing you submit meta descriptions, you’re making sure that each put up you write has the capacity to force a maximum amount of traffic in your website online.

Google sees each blog post as an exceptional internet web page so you can rank every publish for positive key phrases.

Meta descriptions are wonderful places to place key phrases.

Picture Alt attribute

Alt Tag picture seo

Google can’t read images.

Text is how Google recognizes a picture.

To make sure that search engines like google and yahoo can recognize what an image is set, you should make sure to apply proper image names.

Many people make the error of importing pics with names like image001.jpg.

This is a big mistake!

While naming a picture, maintain the call relevant to photograph itself.

As an example, in case you take a screenshot of an AdSense dashboard, and you call the photo “AdSense”, it will now not be focused. Rather, you need to use a name like “AdSense-dashboard”.

In case you pick to no longer use this type of plugin, you can always manually upload alt attributes when you add a photo.

  1. Interlink and Anchor textual content

While writing a new post, especially when you have woocommerce for wordpress site, it’s usually a terrific concept to link lower back to vintage blog posts in order that readers will stick around your website online for longer and also in order that serps can re-crawl these vintage posts.

This facilitates in better navigability of your web site which reduces the bounce charge- every other important seo element. While you interlink, you should use the anchor textual content method. Genuinely put, whilst you hyperlink to a blog submit, you notice an option to add a link and a title. Make sure to fill out the publish identify with the principle keywords for the post which you are linking to.


At Shout, Me Loud, we additionally use a plugin referred to as search engine optimization smart links for computerized internal linking.

  1. Permalinks: dispose of forestall phrases
  • Modifying-post-permalink

When we write a publish, our post titles generally include plenty of stop words.

So as an example, when we write a submit with the identify:

  • 3 ways to Make a weblog marketing strategy

Our put-up permalink, through default, could be: enterprise-plan.html

“To” and “a “are stop phrases in the example above.

You may click on edit permalink and alternate the permalink to “blog-business-plan”, thus getting rid of the forestall words.

Critical note: never alternate your put-up permalink once the submit is published.

  1. H1, H2, H3 Headings


  • We use the Thesis put up styling characteristic to create the style of our weblog posts.
  • This is best; however, we need to now not ignore one of the maximum critical aspects of search engine optimization:
  • Using proper H1, H2, and H3 heading tags.
  • With the aid of default, in any search engine optimization-optimized subject, the post name uses an H1 heading tag. So, for the subsequent sub-heading, you could use an H2 heading, and then an H3 heading, and so on.
  • It’s far constantly an awesome concept to apply right heading tags for powerful seo writing, particularly while you are writing a long put up.
  • Please seek advice from this post and this publishes for higher information of the way to use heading tags within weblog posts.
  • In line with the search engine optimization community, it’s a great concept to use your keywords in H1, H2, and H3 tags.

Very last tick list:

  • Put up identify for readers & Meta name for seek engine (key phrases in titles).
  • Publish meta description (optimize it for higher CTR and use your target key-word as soon as).
  • Image Alt textual content (use keyword).
  • Interlink within a submit the use of properly anchor text.
  • Publish permalink (remove prevent words from permalink).
  • Use right heading tags (keywords in 3 tags).

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