Tips for hiring Wedding Dj

You have tried many dresses for your wedding, before you find the perfect one. Why not you do equal amount of research on choosing a wedding DJ


Here are some tips to hire a potential wedding dj


It is important to remember that music selection and sound equipment can only take you so far. Make sure you feel comfortable and know that your day is in the hands of a real professional who knows how to troubleshoot equipment issues when get any problem with equipment, and how to entertain a crowd.

Musical Knowledge

Music is about more than just how large your library is. Ask the DJ directly about their musical knowledge. What types of music do they carry, what is their specialty? If they have lager music library containing number of songs, but if they do not personally familiar with your taste of music, it would be impossible for them to entertain you as well as your guest.


Ask for reference from wedding djs. Look for their portfolios. It’s better to check for the former clients of them. And it would be better if you personally attend their upcoming event, on which they are going to perform.

Written Contract

It would be better if you have written contract for your consignment. It would protect both parties, if there are any discounts given or there were some terms and conditions from dj side it would be more clear to both parties.

Guaranteed Service

It is important to ensure that the DJ has an alternate plan, in writing, that states what will happen if they are unable to appear, experience equipment failure, or encounter some other unexpected problem. Most of the event entertainment companies can offer a performance guarantee and will arrange for a solution to a last-minute emergency. Be careful about issues If they can’t or won’t offer this.


It is very important to have some chemistry with the person you are going to hire. If you hire from live wedding bands, then there would be more than one person in a band, who are performing equally but on the other hand if you are okay with the dj then that person should possess such personality and you feel comfortable and discuss openly about your choices.


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