Hiring Software Developers

Recently there has been a news traveling around the world that Apple, Inc. has more than 1 billion active users. Granted that Apple has sold more than 1 billion devices, having active users more than a billion is still a win over Android users. As the Android OS is an open-source project of Google. Now-a-days every single company is using the android OS and adding some features of their own to sell their own custom Android OS versions. But for Apple’s iOS this is not the case. With being an exclusive OS only to be used by Apple devices, Apple provides free system and security updates for iOS.interview-wait-thinkstock-100531475-primary-idge

Hiring iOS applications developers has always been a top priority for the software developing companies. To develop an iOS application, a developer should have the knowledge of ‘Objective-C’ and ‘Swift’ programming languages. As the native applications in the iOS are developed using these languages. The applications in iOS are more secured and quickly developed than Android applications.

Other than iOS applications, the world is also focusing to hire Magento developer. Most common programming language on the web is the PHP. It is an open-source general purpose scripting language. Today, web developers are using two frameworks based on PHP scripting language which are Laravel and Magento. Laravel and Magento both are based on PHP programming language. Magento is an open source e-commerce framework while Laravel is a free, open source, dynamic & robust web framework.

There are many similarities as well as differences in the architecture of both languages. For both of them, the development principle is the same. Some of them are true for both of them. Both of them have ‘test driven development’ and based on the principle of ‘convention over configuration’. Magento also follow ‘don’t repeat yourself’ principle. However, there are multiple differences in their design patterns. Laravel has more design patterns than Magento. The most common of them all are ‘active record, Restful, Facade and Dependency Injection’. Now different web development companies hire laravel developer for web development.1411718752gi3s3

As we can see everything has its ups and downs. Application development in iOS is easy but the market share for iOS devices is less than android devices. So, will be the issues with Laravel and Magento. As you will find some issues you will also find something great to work with. There will always be applications development companies who will hire ios app developer and web developers.


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