Challenges faced by Android App Developer

ts-459288525Developers from mobile world always struggle for developing innovative apps. While developing process, they have to face many challenges. These challenges arise due to number of devices on Google’s play store and different operation systems.

Some of the challenges that android developers faced during the android app development process are given here.

Software Fragmentation

Several android versions are available on different devices. Latest upgrades change the version of Android Operating system that runs on the device. This implies that the developers can’t just focus on the recent versions of android OS as not everyone upgrades their devices. It is not convenient for many users to upgrade their operating systems because manufacturers play a main role in device configuration.

Problem in User Interface
Android does not follow a common User Interface process during their ios app development. Google has not introduced a common User Interface rule that needs to be followed till now. As a result, certain applications are incompatible with certain devices. So, android developers and designers should make sure they must build responsive layout applications.

Usage of Third Party API
Some of the third-party API is device dependent and this restricts the usage of many apps across different devices. The SDK and cross-platform IDE does not permit android developers to use a single API across the range of versions

devSecurity Issue

One of the worst issue is security issue, because many of the android app get infected by malware like PCs as a result of extensive internet usage. Lack of standard rules in the area of software fragmentation in Android has to face malware threats. To make things worse these security issues are very difficult to fix and it is often one of the biggest challenges faced by android developers.

Patent Issues

The recent lawsuits indicate that several Android features may be declared as violation of patent issues. This can become a big Android app development challenge for developers. Android is open source so there is a possibility of similar applications that already exist. Many a times the scenario and UI of the application vary but the concept would have an obvious similarity with the existing applications. One of the reasons for this issue is there are no prescribed quality standard rules for uploading apps in Android play store.

When you are providing mobile app development services then you have chances to face these challenges, but if the development is done with standard rules there is possibility to overcome them.


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