In the recent past wordpress has come out as a standout platform for developing your own blog or a website in no time. Basically it’s a CMS (content management system) having very powerful features which suits and can be used by a layman too. Nearly 24% of the blogs globally are developed in wordpress. Its user friendliness and vast features make it first choice for the user in order to get their blog or website developed. Woocommerce for wordpress is one of the powerful feature wordpress has got which certainly played a key role in the major success of this particular CMS.


Some of the key components of the wordpress are discussed here:


WordPress provide different kinds of themes for its users which can be built in with version of the wordpress you are using or you can import it from the store. These themes can be free or paid. Themes provide user with different functionalities and looks. Users can easily switch from one theme to another.


WordPress provide plugins which are used to enhance the functionality of the current theme. Plugins integration, development and customization are key factor while one hire wordpress developer.  Some of the famous plugins in wordpress are Woocommerce, Contact form 7, Visual composer, Slider and many more.


Widgets are used for interaction In GUI i.e. used to display information. It may be a button, scroll, table and image etc. wordpress have many built in widgets however if these widgets are unable to perform the desired task then it can be customized accordingly or a new widget can also be developed and then Imported to use in particular theme.instant-wordpress_1


WordPress provides permalinks which gives the facility to assign posts/categories and also perform tagging. Assigned links can be displayed on other sites as well. Permalinks makes wordpess a search engine friendly CMS.

WordPress.org is the primary source for learning and to get support. Almost every area of the wordpress is briefly discussed in the above mentioned website. As the days are passing the popularity of the wordpress is also increasing as it has become a necessity for people of other platforms. Hire ios app developer program is certainly taking wordpress skill as a plus for hiring.




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