An Indian marriage is a union for life of two persons. This union of two families and two communities have a union. A wedding is a celebration, festival, and above all, it shines with all the colors of a rainbow especially if we talk about the new Indian songs of 2016. Indian weddings in India, mainly in the support network of the heavy weather, space, due to differences in features and availability is different than in the UK.


There are several important aspects of the festival, an Indian wedding is not just a one day event that due to the fact. Music is one of them;  more specifically, traditional songs as well as many of the funny videos . An Indian wedding is not a wedding without songs. British Indians celebrate with music, mainly Bollywood songs played loudly on DVD. Song of the event depends on the type. The ‘Mahdi’ (myrtle), so for example, the song will be related to henna. Event ‘Music and dance, then played the song that will be in line.

Now a days many of the youngers are watching the cricket on the internet in the channel of PTV sports live that is good but in the home the wedding songs are good in the listening. There are many  groups of singers who are very passionate and moving forward with several songs to sing all types beginning with the traditional wedding song. Consequently, it is not uncommon for many women cry. Singing is arranged, which is way too important; If a person remaining women will lead a chorus would repeat the same line.

The young friends of the bride one after the other for hours will perform a dance to Bollywood music can go for two hours. Sometimes the men will enter the women’s attire;  sari and sitting on the bench. This is the real fun of a wedding.  Everyone night including neighbors, enjoys! No one lasts 3 in the morning, even though this is not about complaining. The event takes place until then, though, so your neighbors while you are sitting in her party, unless or until they are well fed to hard times will be the first one. People are enjoying these type of festivals because they are very habitual to watch the live video songs.



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