Indian and western music


The music covers our lives from all sides. The music plays an important role in human being’s life. People like music with bottom of heart. The internet is a wide platform for all types of music and they search their favorite songs on different websites like playit, YouTube and Dailymotion. There are so many types of music like folk music, Ghazals, classical music, etc. etc. The Bollywood songs are mainly popular and like by people in eastern countries, while Hollywood movies are like by western people. There are two industries which support music that is Bollywood and Hollywood.

In both the systems you will find some essential differences: the Western music is based on harmony: a group of notes known as chords played together, while the Indian music is based on melody or single notes played in a given order. In music of India, melody and rhythm offer a variety of subtleties, which is not possible in Western music. The Indian classical music system is horizontal; one note follows the other, while the Western music is vertical; many notes played at a time. Indian notes are divided into units called shruties (22 microtones), whereas Western music consist of 12 semitones. While Indian music, has the capacity to produce a principal emotion or a mood in a raga. Western music has the capacity of producing many feelings and moods.


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