Songs about Southern California

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So much of the Southern California panorama runs together in a blur of roads, smog and sprawl, however the discipline leaves an enduring impact — one that has been captured routinely in new and old songs.

These songs about locations in Southern California are like a musical road trip throughout the region from San Diego to San Simeon. Some songs are darkish; others celebratory.


The situation: Santa Monica is a smaller neighbor of Los Angeles is known for its seashores and its pier.


The situation: San Simeon is a small traveller city on the south finish of the colossal Sur coast. it is still a moderately isolated a part of the state, and it is the closest city to Hearst fortress, the over-the-top mansion William Randolph Hearst built within the neighborhood hills.


The situation: San Diego is a city with fine shores, and it’s also a border city, only a throughway faraway from Tijuana, Mexico.


The situation: Scrunched between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Malibu is legendary for beaches, surfers, money and wildfires.


The situation: Hollywood is a part of la, and is not its own city. If the landmark “Hollywood” signal within the hills creates the improper influence, take into account it yet an additional suitable Tinsel town fiction.


The situation: Before the mansions, before the film stars, Beverly Hills was once recognized for its oil fields. A few of this liquid gold continues to be left, but the city is more famous for the zip code: 90210.

All these video songs are about Southern California.


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