Melodious Songs of Bollywood

Indian songs

Bollywood songs are a fusion of poetry, feelings, performing, choreography and song. Some songs of Bollywood are first-rate for the reason that of the lyrics, others since of appearing, dancing or choreography, but there are some Bollywood video songs which might be great considering the fact that of the sheer melody of their track, which seeps by way of your ears into your intellect and finally into your soul.

These are the numbers that provide you with a relaxing, heavenly consider at any time when you hear them. They provide you with suppose that makes you believe excellent, bringing your intellect and soul in harmony with this universe … into a global where track overrides the whole lot else.

These masterpieces aren’t bound through language, nor plagued by the video graphic elements. They have a common enchantment that transcends time and space…..they’re portions of tune so that it will on no account get old-fashioned !

Yeh dil aur unki nigahon ke saaye

This track is without doubt one of the most melodious sung by way of Lata Mangeshkar, whose voice is considered a track in itself. Her echoing voice within the historical past of usual beauty takes you to an extra universe, where all that exists is tune.

Deewana hua badal

Some of the finest compositions with the aid of O P Nayyar, the song composer who was consistently forward of his time. He used to be one of the crucial first to make use of Western devices and songs, and his compositions introduced a first-class type to Bollywood songs.


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