Husband Wife Songs

Indian songs

Known to mankind, a strong bond is a man and a woman for life in partnership wed locked that one. This is the fate of every attack, unparalleled closeness with frictions of and often this includes that it maintains that a bond, and pangs of the compromise still remains a lifetime at least, it is existing in India since ancient times the beginning of that century. In traditional Indian society, it was not based on the love of a blonde, but … This love, lust and passion can be different from the classic stories of love, resulting in enough to keep, but one was always strong, and with his family, bound together with society.

Here at least … Love … The love of husband and wife … A relationship which has been maintained throughout human civilization around social building reflects the most potent form in the ten best Indian movie songs!

Ae meri zohra jabeen …

Aye meri zohra-jabeen, tujhe maalum nahi, ..Tu abhi tak hai haseen aur main jawaan, .. (O my sweetheart! .. You don’t realise that you are still so beautiful, and I am still so young …)

Teri bindiya re…

This great song in a perfect husband wife relationship a potentially can hope for all features. There is no assurance of peace, harmony, … And once it does not attack the disturbing your senses at any time, but slowly a melody without being in your magic music, Nigel, I slowly unfolds as the number starts trickle or any hassle or restless.
Ek pyar ka naghma hai

This number, Raag Yaman, also one of the best in Bollywood Felicity number comes from a healthy marital relationship that happiness is one of the best text. Very good song tells the story of a happy couple with their son, artfully picturized to present, and how accidents and death they have sex in heaven.

These ever green Indian movies songs have huge number of fans throughout the world.


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