Comedy Songs of Bollywood

Indian songs

Bollywood music or comedy with one “HASYA” “NAVRASAS” or nine essential human emotions, is spread across the entire spectrum. Music composers the great singer and Bollywood films with some of the best comedy actors in the past several decades, he pioneered hand hundreds of thousands continue to call and entertainment that some great comics, the number of production music and Indian movies songs.

We often set these songs came across any subject or type of crass is not shortcut. It is considered to be the most challenging aspect of the performing arts, comedy is not for nothing. Comedy’s biggest pieces and then, you have to see them again, not boring, even when those are! Always, others do not dare to copy pieces of innovation! The challenge is also to produce music and comedy is able to achieve this objective the best comedy songs are not only great music score in creativity but Excel.

Main Koi aisa geet gaoon

The context is that their boss’s girlfriend who loves a girl, for which an employee. With some trickery, but now they have an opportunity to leave on that day in order for their company! Alka Yagnik (sang by abagit with.
My name is Anthony Gonzalves

It’s a very good song is the result of a two-link arm genius talent-including modern singing great comedy it is heart and spirit songs Kishore Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood’s biggest star every day.

Mera Joota Hai Japani
you know, you also: globalization, tv channels and Internet, without then maybe you can imagine just how popular! It almost defines the Raj Kapoor and Charlie Chaplin Act identify with that song. It’s a very melodious number she has sung by mkesh.

Some funny Indian movie songs are still popular in the people hearts and everyone like it with bottom of heart.


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