Cinema of India

video songs

The Indian cinema is the biggest film industries in the world”.  After the production of “Raja haresh Chandra”, was born in 1913, was the first Indian film, Indian cinema and started the journey of success. Never seen the name he first of all Indian film “Raja Harishchandra” production who was Dada Saheb as Falke today thousands of movies that are produced in the Indian language outside more and more in the history of Indian cinema, has become eternal in Hindi. The new Indian songs are still following the old Indian song’s lyrics and music.

In the beginning of film production, starting with movies, but dumb “Almara” developed films to include techniques of sound, talky film released in 1931, when the first Indian 193031, was developed. Due to the appearance of the subject of sound movies entry for became more powerful. Filmmakers to make them more fun to add in these movies dance and songs began. As a result, movies became very popular in the country.

Different types of movies that were made in different ages according to the taste of the age. Mythical films in starting more and more popularity. After a period of time, historical films attract a large number of people. Like when he hit romantic musical creations became public a year old. World music creators to produce hit movies began. Radio became a major medium for the promotion of films. ‘Binaca Geetmal’s, the most popular radio program, has been the top Karma movie music. During this time some stunt films also gained popularity.

Due to Indian songs 2015 the lots off Indian movies are hit and make a huge business.


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