Evergreen wedding songs

Pashto songs

An Indian wedding music and songs,  bands and noise cannot be without peninsula! In that case, it will not be an Indian wedding. A wedding in India must be dynamic. You are waiting to see how events and music reflect the idea of Indian marriage to exercise films. A huge selection of Indian wedding music available for use. A wet or dry, matter-it’s all the factors that a civilian village group, age distribution and on the basis of audience-need to make a choice. The new Indian songs are liked by the people for dancing and entertainment for wedding events.

For those who don’t know, DJ (Disc Jockey) is part of a standard and India Sangeet now probably the biggest DJ. Over the past more than 50 marriages were playing with some of the old numbers that really most statistics according to my list.

Soni De Nakhre Sone Lagde – teasing the bride about her nuances.

Ma Da Ladla Bigad Gaya – This foot tapping number from Dostana is played always.

Le Jayange Le Jayange Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayange- They will take the bride by the groom says, the full fun song sang. Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar sang the original movie by Chot, noise is one of the delights of Machaye bandmaster.

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi – Name of the movie and song, a fun filled modern day number.

Joote Dedo Paise Lelo – A fun filled peppy number that talks about the stealing of the grooms shoes during the pheras. This is from the movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

The Indian songs 2015 have huge demand in this year.


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