Northern Indian Weddings

Pashto songs

Gaana bajaana from these traditional Indians, or song and dance, it is difficult to imagine any without marriage. There is no information about Indian wedding traditions and customs, and happiness wherever a traditional Indian wedding song and dance celebrated with abandon  traditions of the endless vast description. The people watch Indian movie songs to select the songs for wedding ceremonies for dance.

The tradition of marriage began to be celebrated for marriage ceremonies and various download there are a lot of download marriage after Indian partition has been part of weddings. Indian weddings are different rituals and songs that many sub events are a known and Sagai (engagement), the Sangeet (ceremony of song to include women) such as dance and henna (henna on the hands).

The Punjabies raise them and proud of this type is known for, as well as a reflection of their wedding traditions. A Punjabi wedding begins rhythmic, and vocal songs and go to that dance ends with.

Himachal Pradesh, a wedding takes a more engaging in a form of boisterous the name of the event-chhaang is advised. Chhaang is a word for rice wine in Himachal. This is the traditional Tibetan drink, and during cold weather during the summer, or steaming room temperature. The name of this function, it is divided, along with sweet songs sang before marriage.

Similarly, Kashmiri song and dance session, the bride and groom’s House, which is a function called wanwun. The tradition, the girls are singing and, at the same time without the help of any instruments of music dance. Young women move back and forth while singing and song, wanwun one step, standing in a row.

The new Indian songs 2015 are liked in large number by the people for dancing and entertainment.


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