World music and Indian songs

Pashto songs

The Bollywood movie industry never had a mania to imitate the boys of Hollywood. All Indian Bollywood songs are filled with English words. The impact of Western music in India has never been very great, so far. There’s a little bit of hip hop after each verse. Hindi movies and Bollywood dance musical tracks were easy. Everyone knows the filmmakers of Indians have copied movies, but the music was original.

Any Hindi movie is incomplete without Indian songs and dance tracks with all the leading actors of the film to dance together. With the success of the movie Slumdog Millionare, became Western audiences familiar with the style of Indian cinema. Choreographer is adjusting movements according to the wishes. The choreography is hard work, and not all famous celebrity agrees to do some steps.

A Song entitled ‘ Dhoom Machale ‘ was sung by Tata Young, all the writing was in English, except the title of the course. The first time that an English song was picked up by the India music lovers was when ‘ Dhoom ‘released in 2004. The song turned out to be as a fashion that you can still see people dancing to this follow-up at functions and parties.

It was the first time when we saw no large international celebrity tie with Bollywood. In 2008, Snoop Dogg appears in the video musical with an actor of Bollywood Akshay Kumar is a rap song. The song and video was an instant hit.

Even the regional old songs have hip hop. There are a whole lot of other songs and several international music artists that composed the music for a Bollywood film. The New Indian songs are slowly giving away with originality and focus now is global demand.


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