The Indian songs are the needs of the wedding


You can find everywhere people happy in the marriage ceremony because it is not a union of two lives, but it is the combination of two families. People do not miss the any event. The marriage event is enjoyed by everyone. Throughout the world the wedding ceremony is known as an event of happiness and enjoy full. They celebrate these events by dancing to these songs. In South Asian countries wedding ceremonies are incomplete without Indian songs and new songs and people celebrating Indian songs on it’s their traditional style.

Sometimes people sing their traditional folk songs in the wedding and these songs represent their culture. Credit goes to the Bollywood that it produces a bundle of songs on every event of a wedding. The lyrics of the folk songs are amazing. The Bollywood is the largest industry of the Indian songs. The old Indian songs have big demand in wedding ceremonies. The interesting thing of these folk songs is that it requires no training. Every community has its traditional folk songs.

Friends and relative of bridal and groom are dancing to Indian songs and makes the whole wedding events delight and joyful. The wedding event ‘mehndi’ is celebrated by about more than one hundred women and singing Indian songs and folk song. After this event the next one is departure ceremony is started. In this event a woman led the song and the remaining women are repeating the same song. The Indian songs play a vital role for enjoying guest.

In Pakistan the wedding are incomplete without Pashto songs.


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