The 2009th Bollywood movies

Indian songs

The Indian film industry the Bollywood released many several movies in the years. The songs of the movie express the theme and the story of the movie. The Bollywood movies are totally dependent on its songs. Hit movies earn huge amounts and also gain appreciates from the people. If the songs of the movie hit, then the movie will also be hit. In these movies some of them become a hit and some become a flop. The main reason of the popularity of Bollywood movie is the new Indian songs.

There are some Bollywood movies which hit in 2009.

The most top rank Bollywood movie in 2009 is “3 idiots”. It is the most hit and popular movies of the year 2009. It earns about Indian Rs2025700000. The leading role was played by Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

The 2nd Bollywood movie is “love aj kal”. This movie was romantic and comedy. Saif Ali Khan and Dapeeka plays the main role and it earns about 668900000 Indian Rupees.

The Bollywood movie of 2009 is “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani”. This movie gets huge popularity in movies worlds. The movie contains some sad Indian songs which popular with fans. In this movie the story moves around the Ranbir Kapoor life. His life is going without aimless. He meets Katrina Kaif and loves her.


Some movies are popular due to their celebrities. All credit goes to Bollywood film industry, which plays a vital role in the popularity of these movies. The other hit movies of the Bollywood of 2009 are “wanted”, “De Dana Dan”, “Kambakht ishq”, “New York” and many more movies are hit. The Indian movie songs are very popular through out the world.


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