The need of proxy


There  are different types of the proxy site which work same. But the domain name varies. The proxy site is used to access the blocked site. The proxy site consists of the two major things one is the landing page and the other is the resulting page. The first page which is the landing page contain the   URL bar search where you need to paste or write the URL which you want to unblocked. And the other page are used for accessing the result and it show the result. If you want to access and used the proxy then click on Unblock Proxy at school , offices and used and see the proxy procedure and method.

The other kinds of the useful site which are also the proxy type. You may find out the different kinds of the proxy site to get, the more and more advantages from it. You may find out the best proxy like the unblock site on the google web proxy groups and the yahoo group for proxy. If you are tired and want the urgent proxy to get access is the unblocked Facebook proxy.So unblock the Facebook social site.

Most of the time we used and need to use and access the public proxy. The question is arising in your minds that what is the mean and what the public proxy. The  student of the college or of the school often needs to bypass the local firewall  and filter and access the Facebook and the YouTube video site.  The proxy site is used to protect your privacy and also protect yourself from spammers.


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