San Diego Tourist Attractions

The San Diego is located south of Los Angeles and its boundary is Mexico. It has two protective bays one is San Diego bay and other is Coronado bay.  The several of the tourist attract the people to visit the different places.  The best place which the people can visit is the Angeles.  This place is famous for the seminar and varied conventions. The place is important for researcher and they can research on different things.  The San Diego is one of the oldest places of California it is the beautiful place which the tourist can visit to this place. For travelling the bus in San Diego also available for the tourist people and they have no issue of travelling. And it is suitable for traveling. One of best place which are famous for tourist is the zoo because in zoo there are a lot of animals and birds which attract the people to watch him.

images (1)

The baby panda bear is the famous animals which people want to see and the visit of the zoo is very enjoy able for family because if you have the kids and you will be tell the different things in zoo and the kids will be learn the name of the things which you can tell to your kids. You can see the polar bears swimming around the ice cubes which they can become wonder. We need to suggest few more things about the San Diego zoo because that is very famous zoo in the world.


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