The popularity of Bollywood


Bollywood is located in Mumbai (or even referred as Bombay), the capital city of Maharashtra state in India. Bollywood films are very popular among the Indian masses and they enjoy watching these films regularly. The Indian film industry or Bollywood has a credit of producing the largest amount of film in the world. A large number of people love to read Bollywood News to learn more about their favorite stars and their upcoming films. The playit pk watch, YouTube and Dailymotion are the best platform to watch Bollywood music. It is considered in the Bollywood that the success of the music of the film will guarantee the success of the film at the Box-Office.

Bollywood films have a great influence over the Indian society. People love to emulate their favorite stars and the lives of Bollywood Celebrities are always under the scanner. The dialogues of most of the Bollywood movies are written fairly in Hindi. In the recent times, most of the Bollywood has lots of English words introduced into their dialogues. The majority of the Bollywood films is melodramas with several songs and dance numbers, which is popularly known as Masala Films. The films made in Bollywood contain comedy, love triangles, drama, action and lots of music to give complete entertainment to the audience.

Songs are usually released before the movie release, and before the movie comes to the theater, its songs have already become popular among the movie lovers. Bollywood movies are very popular, and its fame is primarily because of a large number of people. Bollywood Movies are appreciated and watched in all the English speaking countries.

You can watch the Bollywood movies on YouTube, play, Vimeo and Dailymotion.


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