Indian wedding and songs

Mehendi Ceremony

An Indian wedding is a celebration of the union of two individuals, families and communities. A wedding is a celebration, a festival, and above all it shines with all the colors of a rainbow. There are songs associated with Indian wedding and without rendering these songs, a marriage ceremony is not complete. Indian weddings in India are different than in Britain, mainly due to the huge difference in the weather, space, facilities and availability of a support network. An Indian wedding is not complete without music, especially the traditional songs with wonderful lyrics which are emotional and thrilling. The playit, Dailymotion and YouTube are full of Indian wedding songs.

Owing to the fact that an Indian wedding is not just a one day event there are several important aspects of the celebration. The songs are mainly performed by women and they (the songs) are so emotional that many women broke down in tears. In India, in ‘Mehdi’ approximately two hundred ladies and 50 children gather in the evening. There are common songs that people use frequently, either at play or at work. This is the real fun of a wedding. Everyone enjoys the night, including the neighbors. The songs do not require formal training to learn as they are passed from one generation to another naturally since they are embedded in the culture of the people. The rural people of India are so endowed with these songs that anyone desirous of learning them should make it a point of duty to get close to them.

The playit pk watch is best website for Indian wedding songs.


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