Indian movie songs


The music plays an important role in human being’s life. The music covers our lives from all sides. There are so many types of music like folk music, Ghazals, classical music, etc. etc.  The Bollywood songs are mainly popular and like by people in eastern countries, while Hollywood movies are like by western people. The internet is a wide platform for all types of music and they search their favorite songs on different websites like play, YouTube and Dailymotion. You can find millions of fans of Indian music.  People like music with bottom of heart. There are two industries which support music that is Bollywood and Hollywood. Credit goes to Indian singers and writers who launches best of the best songs to rank the Indian music industry.

The early years of Indian cinema i.e., 30s and 40s had primarily classical music with less use of instruments in the film songs. Songs from Indian films have kept changing with the changing tastes of music aficionados and yet the typical Indian essence remained intact. 1950s and 60s signaled the arrival of western music in Hindi films. India has produced many great singers and musicians who have attained worldwide fame. One of the most common features of these movies is ‘Song and Dance’ sequences. Right from the inception of Indian film industry, songs have always been a prominent feature of all the movies. Indian songs’ popularity has attracted many talents from all over the country and even from across the border. During the earlier eras radio was the chief instrument used for playing music, but with the advent of FM and Cable TV things have changed so much.

The playit pk watch, YouTube, Dailymotion are best websites of the Indian movie songs.


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