Some important Questions to Ask a Used Car Seller before You Buy

cropped view of man in car dealership giving car keys to client

In the present world every person needs a car for his traveling.So the  main fact and the important thing are  that  erased in over mind how  we can find a baste car to drive which how leas expansive in all manner’s as  compared to other  vehicle.So there are some suggestions, question  trough which we can decide buy car asking for seller.

1: The first question is that we can ask for the seller that why he selling this car.

2: what are the main drawbacks of this car.

3:Why  previous  owner sells this car.

4: And the most important and a perfect way for choosing a car first you will be taking a test drive and check out either  car is running smoothly  or not. Then you will be deciding to buy or not?

5: The 3rd one important  thing is car mileage you can focus on that

6: if you have no idea about car, so the best ways that check out your car wad by mechanic after that you will decide to buy or not

7:Ask from seller about documents and also  about existing factory warranty because some used cars for selling may come wad existing warranties.

8: The main and the major reason of old car selling is a car accident. So you must check out car is the car is refurnished  or been in an accident  in past days .

9: Ask about owner or seller that, do you have any  maintenance or service record of this car will you buying .They will help us for future use of a car. we followed the manufacturer suggestion for schedule of maintenance of car like changing oil etc.


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