Classical and Fusion Music


The music is the food of the soul and everyone like it with the bottom of heart. The music not only changed our life, but also it changes our mind too. The music plays a vital role in our daily routine life like wedding is incomplete without music and similarly at the moment of funerals people take help of music. It means that the music fully  involves our life. The people search their favorite songs on different websites like playit, YouTube, Dailymotion and many more. The music has different types like sad songs, funny songs, romantic songs, Ghazals, Fusino, classical and pop music and much more. The fusion and classical are the most important types of music and people also like it.

The classical music allows for a much greater degree of “personalization” of the performance. Thus, they do not represent the mind of the composer, but a universal idea of the world. They transmit not personal but impersonal emotion. The music has developed through very complex interactions between different people of different races and cultures over several thousand years, including the Vedic chant tradition dating back to approx.

The fusion became a genre in the year 1955, when the sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan performed with western musicians in the United States. America started a new trend to fuse the Bhangra music with the Indian films.  The rising popularity of the Indian fusion music, with the help of vocals as well as instruments, highlights the multiculturalism and globalization and people like it with bottom of heart.

The playit pk watch, Dailymotion, YouTube, and vimeo are the best platform for the music.


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