The new revolution in Indian music


The People of this world cannot live without music because everyone like music with core of heart and say welcome everywhere. From start to till now the trend of music is transferred from one form to another. Now music is present in different forms like Folk music, POP music, Ghazals and much more. At the recent time your favorite song and music is present on the tip of your finger with the help of internet. The internet has hundreds of music websites are available free of cost like YouTube, Dailynotion, playit pk and much more. The Indian music is most popular in the eastern countries.

The Indian music will always be a part of our living, our culture and our traditions. Before this the music was considered as a part of religion like Bhajans. In  the 20th century Indian classical music was revived. Pt. Bishnu Digambar Paluskar and Pt. Vishnu Narayan had a major role to play in this revival. Indian Music has revolutionized significantly in the 20th Century. During the period of British rule touch western music in the Indian music. The singers have been molding and making their abilities to suit not only their own likes, but also that of their fans.

After the separation of Pakistan and India, the Pakistani music stars play a positive and vital in the Indian music. They completely changed the trend of music while introducing Ghazal and Qawali. All credit goes to Great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Jagjit Singh, Lata Mangheshkar AR Rehman and many more singers. As a result of these great singer’s efforts, now every like music and listening all types.

The playit pk watch, YouTube, hdsongs, Dailymotion are best platform of the Indian music.


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