What is the role of videos to market your website and SEO


Nowadays the online video marketing is on tops and everyone want to learn about it. Many companies spend a lot of money on advertising and SEO for their websites. The online video marketing is the best way to promote your business throughout the world. This process is very easy and you do not have to spend a lot of money to advertise your online business. The play it.pk, YouTube and Dailymotion are the largest video sharing websites and these websites have over a billion of views a day separately which gives you huge exposure. You first have to understand how video sites work to use them to market your business.

On the internet, these websites are free to everyone and all people can access to it. The next thing to understand is that YouTube is actually owned by Google. So Google is going to pick up and rank these videos very highly and quickly. Now you have to know how video sharing sites work, here some easy tips which help you to promote your business.

  • Select high competition search engine

You can select high competition search engine like YouTube and Dailymoition for video sharing. On these sites the competition is very tough, but the traffic is awesome.

  • TAGS

When you are uploading video, you can find the tag box. You should fill this tag box with related keywords like playit, playit pk, playit pk watch etc. you can also select tags, which have more visitors.

  • Content

The content of the video is key to success because if you upload a video with great and unique quality and great design but the content of the video determinate your success. Upload your video by using tags and after that put a URL in the description.


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