How to access everything on the internet


Today we are busy to find out the different and various ways to unblock the blocked site. Most of the time we used the proxy server or the proxy site to unblock the blocked site.  But it is more clear that the proxy site are also being blocked in some area.  There is not to an authority for the proxy server to unblock all the site, but there are many kinds of the site like social site Facebook and the, myspace and also the YouTube video site is banned in Pakistan and also this biggest social site is blocked in the educational institute and the question is how to unblock YouTube in Pakistan.

While using the free proxy server or the proxy site you may be used and have the access to unblock the different site. These different types of site content the YouTube video, Facebook and the myspace, etc. all these kinds of social site which are banned you may access it while using and also by the implementing the proxy server. Actual the proxy server is the basic computer which is connected between you and the web server from where you collect the data. The first you sent the request to the proxy or in simple word you connect to the proxy server first, then your request is transferred to the web (www) server.

The basic concept to hide your IP address from the web and you can access the data and do more with these proxy servers. The problem with many proxy is that it some time gets banned and block so you need to search for it daily and day by day. You may unblock the YouTube site by onlooker YouTube. Which is the perfect one.


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